need solo tabs of akela hoon main by raeth..

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  1. maaani

    maaani New Member

    I THINK "FAIQ" can play the solo of akela hoon main... according to me.. FAIQ is good tabber .... so FAIQROCK plzz post .... the tabs .... plzz:nw: :nw:

    faiq U HAVE PSOTED THE TABS OF BHUlA DO (acoustic tabs) its great... plzz work on electric solo (real bhula do ) solo than than i will be great thanful to u..

    FIRST plz plzz post solo of akela hoon by RAETH...:nw: :nw: :nw:
  2. srideep

    srideep ...FKD...

    i wrote it all in a text file
    and typing here is kinda painfull
    here you go


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  3. srideep

    srideep ...FKD...


    try putting
    G Am C D
    throughout the song
    barchords would sound better than open
  4. maaani

    maaani New Member

    e: 10/12-12-12-12-12\0-10/12-12-12-12-12-12-12\10
    b: 10/12-12-12-12-12\0-10/12-12-12-12-12-12-12\10

    how to play dis man... i should play both strings together?
  5. srideep

    srideep ...FKD...


    play both strings together
  6. maaani

    maaani New Member

    thanks srideep for tab out akela hoon ... i will try and reply

    well srideep a very bigggg thankyou for tabs .... i will try and reply sonn...
  7. maaani

    maaani New Member

    u rock man u rock..
  8. srideep

    srideep ...FKD...

    thanks man.....
  9. faiqrock

    faiqrock XaiQ

    :p: maani i haven't heard this song, i'll download it and will post the solo tabs soon


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