Need rock version of Baul songs

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  1. somguitarist

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    I recently listened to a rock version of a baul song in a para-performance and liked it a lot.But havnt found a single such song on the pls help me find baul rock...........its awesome with full distro and the hypnotic tune of baul gaan.if u kno ne site from where i can listen to it or if u hav such song then pls post here.
  2. taraknathdey

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    plz post tabs for any baul song....

    ARKODEEP New Member

    try songs of BHOLPUR BLUES........
  4. apocalypto

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    Krishno Premer - Lalan Band

    Need chords and tabs of
    Krishno Premer - Lalan Band , i figured the chords should be with A , Asus4 , D , Dsus4 but lyrics and tabs not available
  5. shanto911

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