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  1. punitxsmart

    punitxsmart New Member

    hi guys i m a newbie in this world of guitar..
    i hav practiced many chords and can play chord sequences satisfatorily well.
    I hav problem playing chords in songs. As only the names of the chords are given but not the strumming pattern in any literature, i m not able to get the strumming styles.
    for ex. "C G F Am..." is the chord sequence for song "Dream of californication.."

    plz help...
  2. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    at IGT u can still find strumming pattern posted but if u search on google ur unlikely to find it as far as i any case, u need to help urself..How?

    u cant learn strumming takes good amount of time as well as practice..after u'd have spent some months wid ur guitar...uL surely find urself able to strum some simple patterns initially, moving to complex ones gradually.have patience n keep assured, uL surely be able to strum well one day..and one more thing..u can practice along wid d song n see if u can get the hang of it

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