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  1. Manju12345

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    Yaar GUyz muJhe TAbs read karne Ate hai Per chords nahi PLzz Yaar Koi SeeKhaOoo Agle month Meri Farewell PArTY hai Us MAi BajaNA hai PlZZ HeLP MEe ... koi CHOrDs K BaRE mai BatAYe ... THANXxXX
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    Chords In One Month??????

    In One month, it is tough yaar....
  3. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

    PEHle tO YEh irrIttaTINg taRekE Se liKhNA bAnD karO PHiR BEginNer foRUm meIn pOsT kArO.
  4. [D]EVIL

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    Try This Out........

    Hey,It's Not That Kinda Impossible To This In A Month...All U Need Is Some Effort....Try using this file a would be of some help....All Da Best 4 Da Farewell....

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