need help with original composition

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  1. satan_4_infinit

    satan_4_infinit New Member

    hey guys need ur help... if possible ... with this composition of mine...
    just give it a listen n if u think that u can add to it or working on this tune is worthwhile just lemme know..we can xchange some cool work..

    all original stuff...
    u can download the sample track from here
  2. jazzbox

    jazzbox His X Ln C 1000CC

    why u showing ur personal work for others man !
  3. satan_4_infinit

    satan_4_infinit New Member

    @jazzbox ..had some good electic n acoustic duet kinda thing in mind...juz wanted to share dat
  4. jazzbox

    jazzbox His X Ln C 1000CC

    ok .. so u made up midi files for some songs?
  5. Ridge87701

    Ridge87701 New Member

    Not bad. I have been thinking of such a concept like an online band for a very long time.

    If you want, I can improve the recording quality by reducing noise and hiss, and also record a bass line for this one.

    Either I can use the same bass line that you are playing with your thumb (I guess, atleast thats what it sounded like), or if you are okay with it, I can work on an original one. I am a bassist, by the way.

    Also, I can make drum loops for you, and don't worry, if ANYONE can listen to them and tell me that they aren't studio recorded, I'll eat my bass guitar, with the pick :-D

    Have you tabbed it?
    It gets much easier to work if you can either tab it,
    or as Jazzbox suggest (Which is what I do as well), make a midi.
    Use Guitar Pro, I found that the easiest and fastest way to tab AND to keep a midi backup.

    If you don't have GP or don't use it, then you can put the tabs in normal ascii,pen-paper format and I will tab it for you.

    Lemme know if you wanna work. I had tried to do such a thing a long time back in IGT Forums, but at that time, no one was apparently interested.

    Cheers mate.

    Once again, good job.
  6. satan_4_infinit

    satan_4_infinit New Member

    @ridge ..hey thanks man for the reply...u know online band can be real amazing...hope u would like my stuff...will tab my entire song today and see if u can add some catchy base tune to it...drum loop should be an added advantage....thanks man again for replyin...
    have gp but man ...i think doin midi files is a better option...will definetly get in touch with u....
  7. Ridge87701

    Ridge87701 New Member

    Well, I use GP and simply use that to export the gp file into midi. ;-)
    What do you use for midis?

    Ok, I did some minor work on your recording, listen to this and lemme know if you notice the difference.
    At the moment I just removed the noise and hiss. Nothing else, there was another version, where I changed it in stereo, and one channel was your original clean recording and the other channel was the same with a heavy flanger effect added to it. So it was sounding sortta psychedelic.
    Unfortunately lost power and my stupid UPS is f***ed up, so the PC shut down without saving. So I will do it again tonight and then will send that as well.

    Until then, check this one, and work on the tab.
    Also, it would be a good idea to record with a metronome, because at a few places your timing was off. I was trying a bassline, and when I was trying to get the tempo, it was changing slightly in the middle :-D

    Cheers mate.
  8. satan_4_infinit

    satan_4_infinit New Member

    hey ridge nice work on reducing the noise and hiss...great sure workin with u would teach me unlimited new things about workin on the tab..should be done by tomorrow ...
  9. Wanna-Learn

    Wanna-Learn New Member

    hey guys ... haven't listened to the recording yet .... am just a beginner in learning guitar .... good to know that there is so much creativity on IGT! ..... will hear this one soon .... I wanted to know how to record songs without NOISE? .... my friend used to do this but he is no longer with me to tell about this ... he used to use some sony softwares i think .... can u ppl please tell me?
  10. Ridge87701

    Ridge87701 New Member

    hey dude.

    if you ask me honestly, recording with noise is a long tiring troublesome and expensive process.

    Its MUCH easier to simply record in as quiet a room as you practically can, and then simply use a software to remove the noise and the hiss.

    what your friend used was probably sony sound forge. atleast that the only sound related sony software I know of :-D

    I prefer adobe audition (Previously called Cool Edit Pro).

    Simplest thing is to open Help and start reading first. When you finish, then take a few recordings, create a backup (Don't start playing with originals, not recommended), and start playing with the options. Even if you can't understand the process fully, doesn't matter much, because by the law of probability, you will get the correct output sooner or later, so just don't give up.

    Thats all actually.

    If you need anymore details or specifics, just pop in the question, I'll try my best to answer.


    Mate - TABS
  11. Wanna-Learn

    Wanna-Learn New Member

    Thanks Ridge for such a nice reply.
    Added Green Rep 4 U! :)

    As I told u, am just a beginner. Just learning chords and can play some songs. That is it. There is so much work pressure of many things. Hopefully I'll try all these things out in the upcoming January.

    Happy Independence Day! :)

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