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  1. strummerali

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    hi guys am ali (14 years ) an just a begginer .there's a singing competetion in my school on friday an i wanna play my guitar there . da rules r dat v can sing as many songs v want but in 10 min an da songs shud b hindi so am very confused dat wat shud i sing an how to arrange dose songs in an order . they hav 2 be like in a medley. so plz suggest sum easy songs dat i can play on my guitar . i no my basic chords but if possible suggest songs dat r in c scale .an also temme how 2 arrange dem. i was planning 2 play papa kahetein hain so if ne1 can giv me da strumming pattern of da song an also da lead intro ill realy b helped.
  2. aeg0

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    first of all, if u want hindi songs, ur better off posting in the hindi tabs section instead of paki tabs.

    there has been many threads like these, i.e. "easy songs to play" just do a search for wait for replies. everyones gonna tell u the same stuff - papa kehte hain..etc etc.

    anyways good luck
  3. aryanteen

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    if u wanna play the papa khate hai song its a easy chord just play like Cmajor, Aminor, Fmajor, Gmajor and nother easy song to be played is pahala nasha its in the chord only Fsharpmajor & Gsharpmajor ok dude do well in ur competition
  4. abhimanjrekar

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    u can have this medley....DUUR-ANJAANE KYU-SARKI YE PAHAR on same the chords..they r ther..ive put my medley for will go arnd say for 6-7mins..then take any other song...
  5. strummerali

    strummerali New Member

    merqury first of all i need hindi dat doesnt matter if they r pakistani .hey aryan i already hav da chords of papa kahete hain i want da intro of dat song .guys thx a lot for your reps . am still waiting 4 more replies . an dont forget dat i only no chords IN C AN D scale .

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