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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by emmanuel_69, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. emmanuel_69

    emmanuel_69 New Member

    Hi Guys..!!
    I am a Beginner..

    So i have some chords...

    dum maro dum mit jaye gum

    bolo subah shaam

    hare krishna hare ram

    hare krishna hare ram

    hare krishna hare ram

    (Am G F Am)

    Am G
    chahe jiyenge marenge

    ham na kisi se darenge

    ham ko na roke zamana

    jo chahe woh hum karenge

    I know how to hold the Chords..

    The problem is i Dont know how to the chords matching with the singer..(me)

    Is that called strumming pattern..??/

    i cant understand anything..:( help please...!!!
  2. raga2303

    raga2303 Member

    Pratice my dear.. you will understand yourself.. Begin with simple downward stroks then use simple strumming pattern like DUDU later try with more complex D DU UDU..
  3. froz33n_heart

    froz33n_heart New Member

    Yea Guys Plz Help With this even i need to know , in our institution they teach in CDEFGABC. Format , and when i try to play i cant undastand anything over here
  4. raga2303

    raga2303 Member

    If you have just started (what seems to me the case) you must be learning playing one note at a time... Proabably after few weeks you will be exposed to scales, triads and chords then you will understand..
    Initially you should just focus on playing each note cleanly and finger stretching..once you are comfortable, then you can switch to chords.
  5. emmanuel_69

    emmanuel_69 New Member

    raga bro i know how to strum the given pattern but i donno how to strum the song when no pattern is given..!!
  6. raga2303

    raga2303 Member

    Ok..Let me explain this to you. I have been playing guitar for more than a year now. Initially, I also had problem in humming along with playing guitar and I always used to feel that something is wrong they way I am strumming the guitar. In this quest I used to fish for strumming patterns, but after struggle of few months, I have come to following conclusions:

    1. Most of the songs do not require any specific strumming pattern. You can play whatever you feel like. This morning, I saw a thread where author has described it quite beautifully.

    2. For songs which have a dominant guitar music - listen to the song and focus on guitaring part. Initially, use windows media player and reduce the speed to 50%. Concetrate and listen to the changes in sound.
    For example, take "Hain Junoon" song and listen the initial riff. See if you can listen something like this
    Then play this sound in your mind and find out the tempo by tapping your hand or leg or whatever..
    See if you can feel that First two "Tn" goes starts at each beat, while it gets over between the space of two beats. While last part Tn..nt consumes one full beat

    Once you have established this then it simply means that first two beats are "Crochets", next four beats are "Semiquavers" while last two are quavers.
    It means it is something like D...D...DUDUD.U.
    Try this with other songs. To begin with, try with songs like "Meri laundary ka ek bill", rubaroo or Sanwaria

    3. If guitar does not have a dominating sound, listen to the bass and use the same technique as above. Initially it looks very cumbersome but it will come naturally after some practice.

    4. Listen the song and simply tap your hand on a table instinctively. Note down the beats and convert it into a strumming pattern.

    5. Avoid all this and simply play the pattern you are comfortable with. I like to play D DU or DUD or D.DU.UDU

    Try any of these 5 methods hopefully you will become comfortable with the strumming pattern..Even today, I found it difficult to hum along if there is a new strumming pattern or lot of chord changes, but I think if I keep practicing and I will adopt it as naturally as any of our daily things like walking, swimming, driving or cycling..
  7. ru4me

    ru4me New Member

    nice work RAGA

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