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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by musicoholic, Apr 22, 2006.

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    Hey guys,you've always been helping me so please continue doing so:-
    First of all what's mute strumming and how do i mute strum a chord like C#m?
    Secondly if in a song tab on a particular string it's written x how do i play it?
    Thirdly how do i find the major key a song is in?
    Fourthly what are scales?i have heard a lot bout them and would like a good explanation
    Fifthly how do i find chords of a particular song by listening to it?
    Sixthly i know what are power chords but how do i play em...what are the finger positions??/Please help guys
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    wow - im gonna be the first replier finally!!!

    mute strumming is like a blunt sound - like - palm mute - mute the strings wid ur hand - lightly place ur hand buddy - and then strum delibrately....

    you dont play it - its muted - just block out the sound from the whole pikchur....lightly place a finger over it - and voila - its blocked out and u got a x on ur tabs....

    lisen real close - its all upto ur ears dude - chek out some of the lessons in the forum...its real helpful - sumthin like how to tab songs....

    ok regarding this one =- here - check these pages out - this is where i learned from - and from DjCrunkMix....btw where the hell r u Dj..?

    its on that page wid the above link....

    dude power chords are sumthin heavy - try lookin fer tabs of metalica - they're all power chords....
    a typical power chord wud be
    E|--2--or--3--or sumthin like that ....maybe sumone else shud try explainin this power chord a "wee" bit weak in theory....:eek::
    so thats that....hope it helps....if it dont **** THE HELL OFF...naa just kiddin....if it doesnt help - throw ur guitar off a 22storey building while screamin - "im a dick!"....and then jumpin off in quick succesion....
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  3. ambush

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    You know C#m is played as barre chord
    so for muting it you just have to gently lift your fingers from the fret board whilst stumming

    one way of finding key is by knowing the chords for the songs
    each key has sme specific chords for it(likeC has G C Am Dm .....)

    for scales chek out

    regarding your fifth question there are not many short cuts.
    you learn all the major and minor chords in open and barre forms, sit down with your guitar listen to the song and try out each chord until you think u are right it may take hours and you may get it entirely wrong but if you stick with it you can geta hang of it.

    this i think can be played as barre chords
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    u have 2 play C#m in barre 2 play muted...mute it like the others

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