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  1. tapandey27

    tapandey27 New Member

    Friends, I am willing to buy an Acoustic Guitar.
    Fender CD60 CE or may be CD100 CE.

    Please guide me among these two guitars by Fender, which one is the best? They both have Fishman Pickup.
    You can also suggest me any other Electro-acoustic guitar.

    How about Tekamine? Any model you suggest?
  2. aryasridhar

    aryasridhar New Member

    Fenders are nice guitars, but the fenders in India are not really good, reason being they are kind of the beat off from other countries that are sold out here....Takamine' are really nice guitars, I had a G320, it sounded fantastic and had the look and feel of a very expensive guitar....

    Any guitar you get, make sure you play it well enough in the store, hit all the frets on all the strings to listen for any string buzz etc...

    and most important ---- It should feel and sound good to your ears, and the playability should be an extremely important thing to look for.....each of us have different hands and not every guitar would feel great in all check how easy it is to play.....whichever guitar satisfies the above points should be the one to go for.......
  3. tapandey27

    tapandey27 New Member

    Thank you so much.....I have also done a little research and now going for Takamine (may be EG340C or EG360SC).Thanks for your guidance.
  4. anaiyar

    anaiyar New Member

    most probably you have purchased it but you missed best of the best...

    Did you try Hofner? If not you missed a great guitar at very economic range. And if you did check it, sorry to say your sense of music is not good...

    do try to check it out sometime, pay attention to the clarity of notes and very well balanced bass and treble sounds. Also a tip, a guitar which echos out music loud is not a good guitar, that means the quality of wood is not good and sound is bouncing and mixing with other notes.

    Hofners sound like Martin guitars....

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