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    Hi guys,

    I'm thinking of buying an electric guitar, but I don't have any idea what to look for in it and what are the accessories i need to buy. Can someone give me a brief about it. Also, if you can suggest some shop too, it will be really helpful. I live in Bangalore.

    Thanks you all in advance
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    Hi Hemant,

    While experts pitch in here are some tips for you. I assume that you have some familiarity with acoustic guitar, though it should not matter much.

    According to me these are the 3 things you should consider in order when buying your first electric:

    1. Playability: This should be the first priority. Get a guitar that is smooth to play and fits your body well. You should look for a guitar with action as low as possible. This will make playing very easy and help you keep motivated. Having jumbo frets (the frets are taller than regular ones) on the guitar also reduces effort in playing and you can do bends easily. Next, go for a guitar with thin necks. Logically having a finger board that is less wide will take less effort but i ll prefer to have a wide board since it helps your finger stretch better and you reduce the chance of touching adjacent strings.

    2. Maintainability: Get a guitar which has simple knobs and switches and a simple fixed bridge (like a Tune-o-Matic). If you decide to get a tremolo, prefer a non-locking (Fender style).

    3. Quality over bling: Get a simple, functionally sound guitar with good build quality that last as you progress from being a beginner to mid-level or even a pro.

    Coming to accessories: You will need at least 1 cable (3m should be good), an Amplifier, a String winder (optional), Picks, a Strap (do practice standing up once in a while). Thats it. You can go to Brigade road area and visit many shops around that (Soundglitz/Sonido/OnStage/Reynolds/Rhythms/World_of_music) or Furtados in Koramangla/Whitefield.

    Do check out used gear on IGT and FB for some good stuff at low prices.
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    What about the processor and pedal............i saw so many people talk about that, does they are needed or not?
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    Depends on your budget. To begin you can get a amp with built-in effects (most of the amps today have it).

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