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Discussion in 'Find a Guitar Teacher or Classes' started by kishore_nittala, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. kishore_nittala

    kishore_nittala New Member

    Hi friends,
    I need to find a good guitar master at bangalore.
    I work near airport road and I stay near Sanjay nagar.
    If any of you guys know a good master please give me the contact numbers.
    My number is 9886193688.

    Thanks in advance,

    p.s. If the person can give a one-to-one class rather to a group of pupils, it would be great.
  2. ravindramh

    ravindramh New Member

    Hi Kishore

    i m ravi from blore
    did you get to know any class/ trainer in blore? pls do share

  3. kishore_nittala

    kishore_nittala New Member

    I am still in search.
    As i am working, i am not able to finalise the timings...
    But i have 2 contacts for you which i am sharing here...
    92431 04505--S. J. Prasanna. He is at SahakaraNagar.
    he charges one time payment of 6000 rupees for 6 mnths crash course.
    one class per week of 45mins...
    and wilfred.. 9886240132. He is somewhere near to Hennur Main road.
    He charges around 750 bucks per month. one class a week.
    also do share if you know anyone...
    i am trying my best to find one near hebbal or sanjaynagar or RT nagar areas...
    till now no luck...
  4. sushyant

    sushyant New Member

    Guitar lessons

    Hey Kishore,

    My name is Sushyant, I take classes for beginners in Indiranagar 100ft road. You can contact me on 9620250548. I would like to have a conversation with you on how much of guitaring you are familiar with and what styles of music interest you.

  5. deimos

    deimos New Member

    Guitar classes

    If u r a beginer u can join in Rythm. Its there near RT nagar.They charge u around 600/month. here they teach only Acoustic guitars.

    If u need advance classes there is one near HSR layout. Its really good.I don't about the exact institute name. but they charge u around 2700 for three month. here they teach both acoustic and electric guitar.
  6. ankitpatni

    ankitpatni New Member

    Do you guys still want better (cost effective) classes then please contact me on 9620307770 or write me on
  7. talk2ankanjim

    talk2ankanjim New Member

    Eastern Fare Music Foundation in Koramangala - 9986573253; 08041570279
    Bangalore School of Music - 23536090; 23546090
  8. xarghya

    xarghya New Member

    Guitar class near murhespalya (in old airport road), bangalore

    Hi All,

    I wanted to learn paying guitar. Please let me know if there is any one/any school which teaches guitar for bugineers near to my location.

    Thanks and Regards,
  9. mrinaal.sharma

    mrinaal.sharma New Member

    Check out "Nathaniel School of Music", Indiranagar & MG Road.. just check out the site and then decide...
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  10. abhi_cyber

    abhi_cyber New Member

    Guitar lessons required

    Hi, I am working professional and very keen to learn guitar. Need someone who can teach at my residence at RT Nagar (MLA Layout).
  11. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    @Abhi - Soon IGT will make arrangements for this.
  12. anshuk

    anshuk New Member

    Hi I stay at GM palya. i am searching for people who play guitar to jam. i can teach you if you require. no charges for the same. feel free to email me
  13. vinny_wills

    vinny_wills New Member

    Contact Mr benjamin

    Contact benjamin he is a proffessional Tutor teaching in various schools and chruches he can even drop into your house to teach you he stays near chinnappa garden
    His no is:- 9448685043
  14. Rajrocks

    Rajrocks The Cool-Headed Mod

    Hi All!!!...I am moving this thread to teh classified section as this is the Hindi Guitar Tab request section.
  15. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    hie ...i need a good guitar tr. Near v.v.puram market .bengaluru...if any one is thr pls msg me...i need a tr. Who teaches intermediate lessons as in different modes,lyk ionian,dorian,mixolidian. Etc...and i know how to read staff notation.and my previous tr. Was a student of carlton kitto.i knw few 4 note chords too...maj7,9,6,min7,dominant 7th...i have been playing guitar for past 5yrs
  16. bosspawan

    bosspawan New Member

    Any Guitar Master around Arekere, Banngergatta Road? Please let me know. Thanks!

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