Need help buying an electric guitar

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by max_payne16, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. max_payne16

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    Have been a member of this community for 3 yrs now.....
    i recently moved to LA.. had Ibanez GSA60 at home and sold it before coming here..
    now in a dilemma abt wat to buy...:help:
    have heard tht guitar central thing is way too costly.. so planning to buy online..
    could you please suggest me a good guitar with following specs?
    Pickups : Need both single coil(s) and humbucker(s)
    Cost : upto 250$.. or maybe 300$ :p:
    To play a bit o mellow stuff like.. floyd.... some hindi rock stuff too
    and some metal.. like metallica.. megadeth :rock:

    Please guide me if you have a suggestion OR have a guitar matching my reqd Specs :dance:

    Plz help
  2. thedisciple

    thedisciple New Member

    For online shopping:
    best online store.
    Luking at ur reqmnts,Mexican strat is a gud option.

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