need guitar tabs for a solo from "bheegi bheegi"

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    can any one give me the correct tabs for the solo in the song "bheegi bheegi" from gangster i would gladly appreciate it thanks
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    Chords of Bheegi Bheegi

    You should know that bheegi bheegi is a somewhat hindi version of the bengali song "Prithibita naki" written by Gautam Chatterjee (a genius who was never recognized). Pritam and James did a satisfactory job, but the original bengali song was great psychadaelic rock ballad.
    Hence, the chords I use to play this song may not by identical to those you have heard in the movie...try them, 3 cheers for Gautam da!!

    G: 320030
    FM7add13: x33230
    Em: 022000
    CM7: 032000
    Bm7add11: x04430
    C: 032010
    Am7: 002010
    B7: 021202

    (Em7)bheegi bheegi yaaden
    bheegi bheegi (G)baaten
    bheegi bheegi (Em7)aankhon mein kaisi (FM7add13)nami hai
    aa ha ha (Em7)ha aa ha(FM7add13)
    aa ha ha ha aa ha
    aa ha ha ha

    (Em)na jaane koi (CM7)kaisi hai yeh (Bm7add11)zindagaani (C)zindgaani
    (Am7)kahaani (B7)adhuri (Em)kahaani

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