need "ghumonto sohore" tabs! urgent! can anyone giv me plz?

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  1. F#m

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    need "ghumonto sohore" tab! urgently...hav chords! can anyone help me??
  2. sayanakaharry

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    once again, PLEASE mention artist, album and any other relevant information while requesting song tabs. makes it easier for us.
  3. F#m

    F#m New Member

    its from BAND LRB artist is aiyub bahcchu!
  4. SodaLime

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  5. F#m

    F#m New Member

    i hav chords! i also done plucking, i need just lead tabs! thats it! but thankz anyway sodalime!
  6. rony.alone

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    #Ghumonto Shohore#L.R.B

    ghumonto shohore rupali ratee
    shopner nill chador bichieay
    koster ****ol aboron jorieay
    ami achi achi tomar sritite..........
    valobashar shorol badhon chire
    chole geso ei hridoy ta ke venge
    tumi ami ekei shohore
    tobuo ekeki vinno grohe
    mone pore sei nion jala ratee
    ononto prem dieachi ujar kore
    nishongo ni**** otit pechone fele
    poth hetechi badha duti hate
    dur adharer valobashay harate
    ****eechilum sei rupali ratee

    ai ratee sob prem harieachi okarone
    nishi besto manush hoyesi kemone
    shomuddro kolaholer moto obiram khone
    nogore joto bishad amake vor kore

    dorojar choukhatke piri banieay
    binidro jege asi ai rupali rate....
  7. bossman

    bossman New Member

    Hey Guys.

    This is one of my very favourite compositions by my most favourite band LRB (Love Runs Blind)

    Ghumonto Shohore's home cord is Em (by Ayub Bachchu-LRB). Try this-
    "Em-Ghumonto Shohore, Then Plucking in C (From top 2nd,3rd & 4th) & D (From top 2nd,3rd & 4th), Again Em- Rupali, C-Rate.... "

    Repeat till "Em-Ami achi achi, Plucking in C (From top 2nd,3rd & 4th) & D (From top 2nd,3rd & 4th),
    Em-Tomar D-Sritite..." Observe the change which was previously C & now is D now (Em- Rupali, C-Rate.... Now Em-Tomar... D-Sritite....)
    Then shift to C-valobashar shorol badhon chire-D...
    C-tumi ami ekei, shohore-D...." There is a lead, I think those who have heard the song know it. try it or I would give it tomorry as I don't have my guitar with me right now. then Just 1 storke in Em- Tobuo Ekaki vinno grohe... Again Plucking in C (From top 2nd,3rd & 4th) & D (From top 2nd,3rd & 4th)

    I hope U 'll enjoy it . Please let me know if any problem to understand... All the Best......

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