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  1. guitarandgirls

    guitarandgirls New Member

    Hi, I m newly registered on this site. Hoping for a cool stay.

    What I m looking for are the chords for a few songs ;

    1.The house of the rising sun by The Animals 2.American Pie by Don Mclean 3.Baadlon se kaat kaat ke by Bhupinder from Satya

    I hope this site do have people worth asking for help. I will really be grateful as I have been trying to figure out the chords for these kinda offbeat songs which I love a LOT.Thankz a tone in advance. Chao. :dance:
  2. guitarandgirls

    guitarandgirls New Member

    ....Still waitin....
  3. Ankur_Scorpio

    Ankur_Scorpio New Member


    for American Pie chords use google..u will find many...if u still dont get it...Pm me i will send u the link i used to learn tht song! try e-chords site for english songs!
    hope tht helps...

    btw American pie was the first song i learned...with chords :)
  4. guitarandgirls

    guitarandgirls New Member

    Thankz Ankur, will try it.
    Yeah it originally was a lovely song which later spoilt by Madonna.
  5. fishtank

    fishtank Member

  6. guitarandgirls

    guitarandgirls New Member

    will do that 2, thnx fishtank [Nice id though]
  7. surmayee

    surmayee New Member

    House on rising sun chords

    Am/C/D/F/Am/E/Am/E7/Am and repeat. This sequence repesta throughout the song but chords are played arpeggio style.

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