need chords...lambi judai......

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  1. satan_4_infinit

    satan_4_infinit New Member

    need help on this one...cant figure out the chords myself if u guys can help me out....
  2. satan_4_infinit

    satan_4_infinit New Member

    10,000 points to anyone who gives me the chords....
  3. RRR The DON

    RRR The DON New Member

    I am also searching for the chords,If anyone gets them plz post them to me.
  4. shimpy

    shimpy New Member

    me tooooooooooo. pls post me also
  5. ocean_11

    ocean_11 New Member

    hey take the chords and give my credit

    i hav put original scale to half note up cos its easy to play and nice 2 sung
    original scale is on barre chords my scale is open scale
    here are the chords

    Am ...char dino da,G...pyar o rabba
    Am...lambi judaieee,G...lambi judai..
    Am... tere bin dil mera, Em...laage kahin na ,
    Am..tere bin jaan mari,Em... jae kahin na,
    Am..kitne zamane ,G...baad o rabba,
    Am..yaad tu aaya,G.. yaad tu aaya

    all song go like this and strumming is {d d u udud}
    if any dought ask me and original scale is on G#m

    intro and interlude lead is
  6. saffeehaider

    saffeehaider New Member

    help plz

    guys i am just a beginner so could some one plz make a guitar pro version of lambi judaai and send it to me at plz help will be appreciated
  7. jayesh_solanki7

    jayesh_solanki7 New Member


    u rock

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