Need chords for ,"Toxic city".

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    I need the chords required to play "Toxic city", by the band System of a down. I will be very gratefull.
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    1. The song is 'Toxicity'
    2. It has no chords, just lead notes
    3. ...the tab for which may be found at (Twas too long to post here)
    4. Ok, so there ARE chords...but they don't do justice to the song...
    Cm          D#m
     Conversion software version 7.0 ... 
    Cm                D#m              Cm                  D#m
     Eating seeds as a pastime activity, The toxicity of our city of our city 
    [continue this chords untill the niosy part]
    [In this part try to play the chords only with the three Bass strings ]
     No, What do you own the world,
                    G#        G
     How do you own disorder, disorder .
    (That was from )
    Rock on, SOAD is one of my favourite bands :rock:

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