Need chords for Lokada kalaji by raghu dixit

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    Strumming pattern is fast, can't explain them here, but the song should be either in a key of F# or G (He may have tuned his guitar half note higher than the std tuning). He looks like he is playing G but would sound like F#.

    For now if you assume G, and the progression is in the major scale, it has the chords G, Am, Bm, C, D.. I think he has a slightly different tuning on his guitar if i am not wrong...

    The first line goes
    Lokada Kaleji Madutinanti Ningyar Bedantharo Madappa Chinthi...

    You should be able to experiment with the above chords for the rest of the song...

    If the key is F# then reduce each of the above notes by half a tone.... He also uses Am at the flute part... Sometimes I hear A major as well... If you need it to be simple, then use G, C, D, Am and keep strumming all through the song...

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