Need Bassist, Lead Guiterist, Drummer to form new band (kolkata/howrah)

Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by Hydrogen, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Hydrogen

    Hydrogen New Member

    I'm a lyrics writer, composer, and singer looking for passionate and innovative and young musicians.
    Going to form a new band. Band type is ideal to cover many types of rock.

    Should be basically innovative and a bit self motivated.

    Lead guitarist-
    Plays a big role. Should have a good innovation to assist in composing music. Experience is a plus.

    Should be energetic and skilful.

    Primarily Looking for people around 16 to 25. Should be eager to work as a team and prove their own talents..

    I lived at karunamoyee (south) now live at Howrah. You should be comfortable to practice anywhere in kolkata.(we'll discuss later on where)
  2. den

    den New Member

    what are your influences??
  3. Hydrogen

    Hydrogen New Member

    @Den Band is in progress. a few members already joined. What instrument do you play? Send me PM

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