need a vocal and bassest.............

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by deba_sanyal07, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. deba_sanyal07

    deba_sanyal07 New Member

    need a vocal & bass guitarest for professonal hindi rockband.
  2. shaban_khan

    shaban_khan New Member

    Hey there!

    I can be ur vocalist. Where r u based ?
  3. anmol13999

    anmol13999 New Member

    u got it rite here

    hi,myself int in forming a band wid u.i can play rhythm guitar wid all precision in vocals.i hav friends who can play guitar wid assistance in studio friend having his own rec studio and label.pls contact if in no. is 09355513999.
  4. taran_asp_singr

    taran_asp_singr New Member

    Hi dude

    I'm taran,an aspiring singer.
    Currently m takin guitar lessons....
    As my frnds say...i hav a nice voice...
    cn sing english(pop) well as a variety of hindi songs(ranging 4m oldies 2 jal, strings,etc.)
    plz tell me ur requirements...
    mail me at:
  5. musicmanPKR

    musicmanPKR New Member


    where r u based

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