name these chords!

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    somebody please name these chords!may be these r odd chords,
    but sounds cool though...
    Ok about the 1st chord ,ive no idea abt it :p:
    2nd chord,i guess its E maj but sounds brighter.i think this
    is the first chord played in the tamil song "vellaipookal"
    and the next four chords r movable chords...
    last two chords comes in the song "kiss me" by sixpense
    none the richer, along with Am(i dunno the actual key of the
    song)....thats all...

  2. rabi_sultan

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    1st chord - D F# G D E - is a Emin9 with a 2nd inversion on the bass (D is the second note after the root of the chord thus making it a 2nd inversion)
    2nd chord - E G# B E E - E major just played in a different location. Play this in F and you get the real F chord that RHCP use in their song Scar Tissue.
    3rd chord - G B D A - G add9 - this is not G9 do not get confused. This is G major with the 9th note of the G major scale added. In this case that being the A. If it was a true G9 then you would also see the seventh note F.
    4th chord - A# D F A = This is an inverted Dmin/A# but bear in mind that this is a rogue chord since the A# does not belong to the Dminor scale and so is an 'accidental', sometimes accidentals can sound nice even though technically they do not belong there so you can see them from time to time.
    5th chord - A D G C# F# A - D7 Major add 11 This is not an 11th chord instead it is a D major 7th chord and the 11th note of the d major scale has been added.
    6th chord - A D G C F# A - D7add11 The difference between this and the 5th chord is how the 7th is treated. In the previous chord the 7th is considered one semitone higher at C instead of a normal 7th chord where the 7th note is not shifted. It should be noted that the 7th note that is part of the D7add11 is actually a VIIb (flat seventh) and not an actual seventh this is due to harmonics where if you flatten the seventh chord it sounds better instead of playing the actual 7th chord which would be an diminshed chord which sounds odd.

    Just to let you know i used Guitar Pro 4 to get the names of the chords, the explanations are mine so while the names are right the explanations might be wrong.
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    nice knowledge rabi...
  4. mathai

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    Rabi thank you so much man,really apreciate ur work :rockon:

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