Naan Paadum Mouna Raagam - Chords

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    naan paadum mouna raagam
    en kaadhal raani innum
    naan paadum mouna raagam ketkavillayaaa
    en kaadhal raani innum thoongavillaiya
    kanneeril unnai thedukindraen
    Cm        Bb            F#
    ennodu naanae paaduginraen
    Cm     Bb          F# F
    (naan paadum....)
    Unnai kandu thendralum nindru ponadhundu
    Cm          Bb     Cm             Bb  F
    Unnai kaana vennila vandhu povadhundu
    Cm          Bb   Cm            Bb  F
    aen devi indru nee ennai kolghiraai
    Bb       F     Gm  F           Cm  
    mul meedhu ennadi thoonga solgiraai
    Bb         F   Gm F            Cm
    unnai thedi thedi yae endhan aavi ponadhu
    Cm          Bb    Cm              Bb  Cm
    koodu thaanae ingu paadudhu
    Eb    Bb      Cm   Bb   F
    koodu indru kuyilai thaanae thaeduthu
    F     Cm    Gm      Bb      F     Cm
    (naan paadum....)
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    I sequenced this song fully with rhythm and full bgm and intro in my psr 2100. the chords are very accurate and totally it came out very well.thank u very much for the same.

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