NAAGIN by decibel

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    ok this is my first tabbing experience...which i did some hours ago...its still incomplete...if some one can fill in d blanks before i get not-so-lazy and finish it myself wud be really appreciated... the song is frikin awesome..i played dis on my acoustic guitar..its smthing ABSOLUTELY different on an electric guitar...newho. i'll shut up now.

    B-5-5-7-10-10-9-7-5----5-5-7-10-10-9-7-5----7-8-7-5---7-8-7-5--7-7--5-7-5-3-2-----('kaun bajaaye baasuriya' part missing)--7-5-8-5-7-3-5----7-5-8-5-7-3-5-----7-8-12-12-13/15-12-12-13/15--(part missing..).....

    bas..dats all for now...your comments and abuses are most welcum. adieus for now!

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