My Recording Of Hotel California & lukachuppi

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  1. mastermind_jinx

    mastermind_jinx New Member

    hey well these are links wid ma recordings..just bear ma voice as its too just suits some metal stuff!!!
    one is lukachuppi from rang de no vocals dont have a lady vocalist....n other one is hotel california(no percussion only on guitar)..just dont mind abt da quality its done wid a simple mic

    heres the soundclick version


    hey 1st wen u will click on da link u'll see a page n at bottom of page u'll see a table sayin premium n free click on free..then w8 for some time..then as da counting stops u'll see a security code window enter the letters shown in pic in the window n then click on download!!

    enjoy & please let me know abt yer suggestions!!:beer:

  2. jozko

    jozko Banned

    hi mastermind_jinx, I will check ur mp3s tonight and hopefully leave my thoughts as a listener, esp on hotel california. Just want to tell you it won't be a bad idea to post on as it can stream mp3s in low and high quality. And there is no waiting typing downloading anything. More people will listen and u get more feedbacks. I think rapidshare links also expire after some days.
  3. jozko

    jozko Banned

    On HC -
    Initial guitaring was nice! Chord strumming was interesting, i do another way though. Recording quality was good too.

    Lukka Chuppi- Haven't heard OST in a while. rythm seems different, not sure

    Saurabh, Do keep posting and try to upload on U'll get more feedbacks, rgds
  4. mastermind_jinx

    mastermind_jinx New Member

    thx a lot jozko!!
  5. cronix

    cronix New Member

    @jozko: +1
  6. mastermind_jinx

    mastermind_jinx New Member

  7. SG1

    SG1 "Brown Jesus"

  8. mastermind_jinx

    mastermind_jinx New Member

    thx SG1..i listened to yer recording too...great work dude!
  9. mastermind_jinx

    mastermind_jinx New Member

    please lemme know abt it..cuz m new to soundclick ..never used it before!!
  10. Pushkar2246

    Pushkar2246 New Member

    Dude good work but where is the outro that is played at the end?
  11. mastermind_jinx

    mastermind_jinx New Member

    hey da song is really diff to play as solo...well will play n record again.thx a lot

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