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    My email id is With this id I am in FB. You can see my face........... Sathya
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    Yes.. Got it Pearl & Sathya... Finally got a chance to see all your faces. Thanks for sharing your IDs. What about Rajesh & Guitarsen?

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    Hi Sathya/Suresh/Roentgen/Pearl/Guitarsen

    I'm Mohan(26).. in Chennai... workign in a Software Company

    I really want to thanks you all for your contribution in this IGT... Im a very beginner in Guitar... all yours posts keep me growing..
    Please accept my FB request.. I really want to be in touch with you all..

    I always beleive those who are with music like they are next to God...

    My FB account:
    Thanks alot again..
  5. pearlmaharajan

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    welcome guitarknight...

    music is the real elixir of life :)
    I am happy about my first simple video has united many of us... just like that in a day... though we all were sailing in the same boat.. but mute..
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    Yes you are right pearl... If possible change the thread title to "To be United together" to intend others to sail in the same boat as you said...

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    My FB name is Sen Senthil. I am a computer engr from madurai. Living in US for the past 20 years. I grew up in IR hey days, so his music is part of my blood. I wont even say to anyone that i am his fanatic. Started learning guitar during mounaragam and punnagai mannan days to understand the technicality of his orchestration. Living in Miami, working as Systems Engineer for largest Cruise Company, wife is a busy cardiac anesthesiologist doctor, which gives me plenty of time for my music. Children are inclined only to western music. We have a small Tamil band (just for fun) with two keyboard, two guitarists and a drummer and many singers. Rajesh (Roentgen) is my guru for our band. He himself doesn't know about this for this long. I give the notes from his midis to our band for practice.
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    Thanks Senthil for sharing about you... I am unable to identify your name in FB since there are lot in the name Sen Senthil.. Please share your FB mail id to identify you.... Like you I am also hard fan of IR madly listen his songs... I used to play notes long ago but now started again from scratch with my old notes... Really felt bad for missing almost 15 years...

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    Suresh pls search
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    No Senthil... still unable to find...
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    Suresh, Request sent.
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    I really don't understand what's the fun in creating tabs. Anyone can play any song if they know how to play the major and minor scales, some notes may go out of scale for melody. You can easily figure it out by hearing or when playing. Pure Carnatic based songs are little challenging if they dont know the raga and it's scale. Theory is, find out the scale of the song, figure the chord where the song sits perfectly. Starting note will be 1st or 3rd or 5th note of that chord. Rest of the notes will be within the seven notes of the scale. 90% of the time it works. Some songs are exceptions like it based on different in pallavi and saranam. Some songs shifts one note higher either in the middle or at the end. To me tabs are fun for beginners. Real fun is playing the chords and interludes and sing along. What u guys think?
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    Its true that many docs have little for hobbies. My speciality does allow me some leisure time.
    But many medics do have hobbies. I know many good singers and musicians. There's even a medico band here.
    Not all are dull nerds :)

    Search Rajesh Annamalaisamy on FB. I don't think there's anyone else with this name.
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    gotch u... added
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    Senthil, good question. Theoretically you are right. But it does not happen easily when we try to play a song. If one has a good musical background, yes, it is rather easy to play the song. I would rate 50:50 between chord and tab. Tab is good for people like me who are not comfortable in singing. I am doing this because, my master started teaching tabs and scales only with me and I stopped him as things were not quite OK and started learning things on my own. Playing tabs produces a good instrumental music and some songs are the most suitable to play in guitar.

    I have heard people saying tabs are difficult and chords are easy - it is the question of comfort and individual interest.

    Off late, I have now started playing chords and strumming and no doubt it provides variety, fun and enjoyment.

    Tabbing raga based film songs helps me in understanding more about the nuance between notes and the way they are used.

    I do not need guitar for tabbing but I can not enjoy chord without guitar. I need guitar only for checking and correcting my tabs.

    Last but not least, I guess someone somewhere must be interested in learning / playing my threads.............. Sathya
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    Sathya, I was exploring about raagas while ago and lost interest. Can u pls create a new thread to share your findings about raga based songs? Also pls post the notes for each ragas like below and list the song names under each raga, that will be helpful for lot of us.

    Raagam notes

    C D E G B C

    C D E F# G A B C

    C D D# F G G# B C

    C D E G A C

    Mayamalawa gowlai
    C C# E F G G# B C

    C D D# F G G# A# C

    C D D# G A C

    C D E G B C

    C D E F# G A B C
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  18. Guitarsen

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    Thanks a lot Sathya, I have been looking for this table for long time. Let's revive that thread, and add few sample songs for each ragas.
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    periya periya vishayam ellaam pesuringa... enakkum onnumey puriyala..
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    Eventually u will be looking for this. For example when u want to play andhi mazhai on your own, it will be easy for u if u know the song is based on vasantha. And mayanginen solla thayanginen is charukesi. Sathya's PDF shows which notes to be played for those raagas.

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