My First Original Compostion - O Meri Jaan (Hindi Song), Recorded on Acoustic Guitar

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    Fellow guitarists & music lovers - humbly, I present to you all my very first original composition I did recently. Please provide your feedback, thanks!

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    About the recording:
    The recording is done on my laptop, using MixPad, with 3 audio channels recorded, then merged with proper volume levels to make the voice and guitar both audible as balanced possible. Then exported as wav, normalized and converted to mp3.
    The video is simply lip-synced with the final audio mp3 and merged, for the sake of presentation.

    About me:
    I have been an IGT member for 10yrs+ (think since the 1st yr of its creation), and clearly the most lazy member ever, since I have hardly ever posted anything.

    However, I kept playing guitar for those 10yrs+ and my sincere thanks to all on IGT who have contributed and helped me learn music & guitar. IGT has been a great source of learning, since when its started off a decade ago there were very few resource sites to learn indian songs.

    Your feedback is most welcome. Also if any questions, please do let me know.


    Kit Gautam

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