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    okie this is a real life poem based onmy todays experience.....i had my exams today....and i think i really must get the award for the most crappy poem writer on igts :p: ..hehe..this is one of the crap frm me.... :p:

    3 HOURS

    today was 29 november,
    i was tryin to rememebr,
    the 12 hrs studied,
    in my mind it was buried....

    they ring it at ten, :dance:
    i think of startin wen,
    i see a traesure ahead,
    but i cant see...
    the paper hid by her head....

    3 hrs is a long way to go,
    i start writin,
    ther r hardly any questions tht i know.....

    2 hrs go by,
    i get restless,
    its been a long time now,
    since ive been writin somethin useless.... :eek::

    i calculate the counts,
    they go upto 45,
    40 is the passing,
    and thts all i wanna have....

    i come home,
    wondering along,
    saturday again is a paper,
    for 3 hrs again....
    ther i belong.............. :beer:

    psst psst :: PLZ STUDY FOR UR EXAMS...........hehehe..... :nw:

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