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    No lessons related to muting found here!! plz help me out especially with some video tutorials if possible.....dont know much about muting and cant pick up what other guitar websites are trying to say.....
    and plz also suggest some songs to listen to while tryin out the techinques....thanx in advance!!!!
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    there r many ..plz search for it..
  3. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    thn 2 if u aint found ne thn ,

    You can mute guitar strings the with the left hand, right side of the palm, or a combination of both.
    Practice string muting with the left hand first .
    Lay any or all fingers across the guitar strings at the same time that you release the pressure on the guitar chord.
    When you get good with that, try muting with the right palm. Do this just like the Palm muting , but put the palm down on the strings wherever your right hand happens to be strumming.
    Strum the mute the exact same way that you would strum a guitar chord, but use more wrist since your palm is on the strings.

    i got this info frm a site.. :)

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