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    More then a
    Chords: C-G-Am-F

    I saw her at a café
    Dancing on her own
    That night I thought to find…
    A better girl for me

    where looking for me
    was looking at you
    a pretty girl behind a breaking wall
    and its not easy.. to be… with me.

    Felt like I could fly
    swept me of my feet
    Find a way to hide
    Bout a dream I’ve lately seen

    It may sound crazy
    But don’t be concerned
    Even sometimes I have the right to see
    I maybe different
    But wont you mind?
    Even I can be wrong sometimes
    And it’s not easy.. to be… with me

    Bridge: Am G C F Am D C F

    Me, me and you.... you, you and me
    Well that’s all right, by me…
    And I’m not crazy… or anything

    I met her in a café
    Sitting at the bar
    You… wanted me
    only I.. could not see

    Am more then I can
    More then a brain
    more then somebody on… your one way street
    Only in love
    Searching for more
    Looking for a pretty girl beside of me
    Beside of me…
    Inside of me…
    Yeah.. Next to me…
    On top of me!!!

    Am more then a brain
    I am someone who loves
    Someone who found his special dream
    I’m more then a man
    A growing seed
    And it isn’t easy… hmmm, hmmm, hmmm

    It is not easy to be with me….
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    try to play this song, but play it slow, cuase its a slow song....well have fun tell me what ya think

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