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    Once more i am posting the chords for a few songs. They are a bit old but they are really good songs. The chords are easy to play and will be a kind of insipiration for the beginner guitar players because they can easliy play these chords just with a little bit of practice.

    Song No 1
    CLOSING TIME: For this song the chords are really simple and remain the same during the whole song. So, the chords are G, D, Em & C. Thats all guys. These are the chords for this old song.

    Song no 2
    Blue suede shoes ( i know these are old songs but they are excellent)

    Same as above the chords are really simple and the pattern remains the same during the entire song.

    The chords are: E, E7, B7.

    As far as i remember, these are the chords.

    Please post your suggestions as soon as possible. Please


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