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    This thread is for the Mohiner Ghoraguli fans here in IGT.
    I feel Mohiner Ghoraguli has a big contribution to Bangla Music.
    Not only were they the first Bangla Band ... not only were they responsible for the innumerable number of hit songs like Tomay Dilam, Aamar Priya Cafe, Manush Chena Jaiki, Bangali Korechhe Bhogoban, Ghore Pherar Gaan, Telephone ... not only did they act as a launchpad for a lot of future bands ... they were a REVOLUTION.
    They might be no more with us physically ... but there music will continue to live in our heart for many a years ... sorry, decades to come.
    Many of the present bands still sing their numbers on live gigs ... like 4WD sings Telephone, Fossils sings Bangali Korechhe Bhogoban ... but still ... Tumi Chhara Shunyo Lagey.
    If you feel the same, please text down your thoughts on Mohiner Ghoraguli here and also add the chords of the Mohiner Ghoraguli songs that you know.
    Let this be IGT's memorial to Mohiner Ghoraguli.
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    Sorry ... I can't wait for anyone's reply.
    Manush Chena Jayki is my current favourite Mohiner Ghoraguli number.
    So I'm giving the chords of this song.
    This song is from the album Jhora Shomoyer Gaan.

    Barle boyosh shobai manush hoyki
    Shunle kotha manush chena jayeki
    Chena shohoj noy
    Chinte lage bhoy
    Boli tai manush chena daye
    (Bhaire) boli tai manush chena daye
    Hath barale bondu paowa jay na
    Barale hath bondhu shobai hoy na
    Periye onek poth
    Nimlo e shopoth
    Ami noy shotru habo tai
    (Bhaire) ami noy shotru habo tai
    Hashle pore roshik shobai hay ki
    Kanna ele kandte para jaye ki
    Hashir niche kanna
    Anek holo aar na
    Mon khule heshei jabo tai
    (Bhaire) mon khule heshei jabo tai
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    They were the founders of Bangla band culture. It is sad they did not get the recognition they deserved earlier.

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    mg rules.............
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    They're music is still serving as founding stone for any budding bangla band.

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