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    Not really....but listening to him did make me realize that I have no clue about how to extract the sound out of modes. I then came up with a nice unconventional progression (unconventional meaning one I've not heard, not really "unconventional").

    I had a go at this nice progression I came up with.

    D E | C D | E7 (sometimes E7#9)

    What I'm using:

    On the first bar ( D E) I'm using an E mixolydian. This is where I want you to tell me whether I've gotten even a bit of that sound. I kinda thought I did.

    On the second bar (C D) I'm using a D mixolydian sometimes and a B phrygian sometimes. More often than not, I was using this bar to resolve the tension I was creating in the first bar....putting the G note to good use here.

    The third bar (E7), I'm using B phrygian. I have no idea why. It just sounded right. More often than not it was just a pentatonic though.


    Another place I was using a lick similar to the Mama I'm coming home intro but with a different feel to it. Its difficult to use bends and hammerons/pulloffs on the nylon string so the whole lead didnt come out great. I'm more interested in opinion whether I've been able to get that mixo sound happening.

    Opinions/discussions appreciated.
  2. UjSen

    UjSen *#!EVIL*!!

    srry didn't quite get u........:eek::
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Man I am jelous of your choice of notes.

    But somehow, most of your leads are more happy sounding than sombre (just something I felt).
    On some places I felt that there was some syncing problem with the backing track. Is it software or playing Wink

    Around 2/3rd place you play a lick, man that sounds so familiar.

    I would've liked even further if you played extremes on the scale, I mean playing teh run/lick with first few note on higher octave and the rest on low octave (or vice versa).

    Anyway sicnce you play much better than me, I dont have much to critique.

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