Mirror is same.

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    I look in mirror and i see my past
    I feel still young, still like to lured at gals,
    Still feel like driving bike crazy
    Still, that mirror is same.

    My...my first tune on guitar strings
    My true alcohol for every problem, tht guitar.
    Coding all day in front of computer.
    Still, that mirror is same.

    My..My first step into money what we term as stocks,
    My all profit and my all tears of losses.
    My goa tour.... point to ponder.
    Still, that mirror is same.

    My love for her, but tht was just my side.
    I cry for what i laugh , and
    Laugh for what i cried
    Still,tht mirror is same.

    Now i must say,
    That mirror is still the same.. but its just i was not able to see it.
    Now i see it,
    So i truely enjoy my life ..my mirror.

    Posting after long time.
  2. the only thoughts whihc come to my mind are ...

    wake up old man ...this poem was dream time over.....hahaha

    anyws good try
  3. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    who r u ?
    did u really had some thing to say ?

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