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    Any clues as what is the exact name for a Minor Pentatonic kinda raag in Carnatic or Hindustani. Like a Major Scale is Shankara Bharanam and Major Pentatonic is a Mohanam in Carnatic. I am looking for what's a minor pentatonic in our raags. Please help.
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    umm .. ragas may have diff ascending and descnding notes (i.e diff scales) .. so i dont think it'd be right to say that a scale corresponds to a raga ..

    if ne1 knows how to play ragas on guitar plzzz tell .. i mean how wud one determine when to play the ascending scale or the decending scale ..
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    ya ur rite
    its ascending Dhanyhasi
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    Why is it so complicated in Hindustani Music? (ascending and descending thing)

    I remember even the bebop scale has some notes to be played while ascending and some to be played while decending.

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