Milee Theme Song

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    Hey Guys It me ||PhO3n!X|| man I love to submit tabs but theres a shortage of time. I had made this song by ma own in just 30 mins man. Hey check it out and ya if theres any problem plz tell me So I can do corrcetion in it. Okay and ya keep remeber ||PhO3n!X||.

    e 7-------------------5-7-8.
    _ ----8-7-5-----5.

    e 5--7-8--8-8--8-8--8-8--10-8-7-----------------7.
    _ ---------------------------------------10-8-10.

    e 7---------------------12.

    B ------12--13--13-13--13-13--13--13--15--13--12
    G 14-----------------------------------------------------------14--12--14--16.

    G 16-----------------------14-16-17.
    A -----17-16-14 ----14.

    G 14-16-17--17-17--17-17--17-17--19-17--16-------------------16.}
    A ---------------------------------------------------------19--17--19.} X2
  2. wamz

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    nice job dude its gr8 tnx keep it up
  3. faiqrock

    faiqrock XaiQ

    phonex...great job....Reps 4 u buddy....n u r Newbie so Welcome 2 Igt


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