Microsoft to change Windows Vista Name ?

Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by lord_neo, Jul 25, 2005.

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    Microsoft may find itself in a bit of trouble for naming its forthcoming operating system Windows Vista (formerly known as Longhorn). US-based Vista, Inc. seems to already have that name wrapped up and is currently in talks with Microsoft about what to do with the situation. Microsoft officially announced Windows Vista this past Friday.

    Vista was founded in 1999 and according to its website:

    Vista operates a small business Internet Interchange that delivers affordable web services to small business owners. Our goal is to help small businesses benefit from technology innovations that make it easier to attract new customers, sell more products, and build stronger customer relationships. For more information on Vista's businesses please visit our website at

    While its always possible that Microsoft will be forced to change the name of its next-gen OS, we figure that's rather unlikely. Vista is currently in talks with Microsoft about what to do with the situation, and seems to be willing to work things out without heading to court, at least not yet.
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    i dunno ...

    longhorn is a name good enuff ...

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