Microsoft Taking an Open Source Approach to Longhorn

Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by FinalPhase, Nov 1, 2003.

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    Microsoft Taking an Open Source Approach to Longhorn

    In an effort to improve its coming Longhorn operating system, Microsoft will allow professional developers a version of the OS so they can collaborate in its development. Microsoft has created tools to track the contributions developers make.

    Like with the open source community, Microsoft is allowing developers to help assist with Longhorn rather than release the product and than rely on patches to fix it. Developers, in turn, will be aware of the progress made from their suggestions.

    However, this follows Microsoft's business model by restricting it to professional developers Microsoft utilizes. Some are happy that Longhorn is taking a while to release because this gives the company time to make sure it has few problems.

    I will be posting tech related stuff...if thats ok?
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    It micorsoft, there is always a catch...:ban:
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    Tech-Related Stuff... But Microsoft?
    Yay @ SuSE Linux 9 and MacOS 10
    Yay @ The Linux Platform
    Yay @ RedHat
    Yay @ Java and Python
    Yay @ Life Beyond Whistlers and Longhorned Bugs

    Who cares...
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    Nice one FinalPhase. Keep posting tech related stuff. I liked it.
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    i agree with you... i mean not being open source has been the corner stone of their existence :mad:
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    off topic .. but this guys avatar turns me on

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