Metallica All Album's Lyrics

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  1. faiqrock

    faiqrock XaiQ

    Hey guys
    i am posting ALL the lyrics of metallica's album
    with Detail's.... like when the albums came out
    its not all my work but i collected lyrics...edited them n now Posting for you guys So u dun have to SEARCH on Google ;)
    Thank you Bye Take care

    .: Faiq :.

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  2. faiqrock

    faiqrock XaiQ

    :beer: 5 MORE

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  3. Morbid_Angel

    Morbid_Angel Sid the sloth

    aint this sposed to be on english lyrics forum? :S
  4. faiqrock

    faiqrock XaiQ

    hey arnold
    thts strange man i posted them in English lyrics forums :think: how come they r in hIndi lyrics :-s:-s
    Sorry abt that man

    Mod's if u can please Transfer this Thread to English Lyrics Section

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