metal band in kolkata?

Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by iluvmuzik, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. iluvmuzik

    iluvmuzik New Member

    well im an acoustic rhythm guitarist,getting an electric soon n i sing metallica, some slipknot evanescence,korn n nirvana as well..
    lookin for people to start up an alternative/nu/gothic metal band here in kolkata..
    anyone interested plz hit me back...
  2. Monishamohan

    Monishamohan New Member

    Hi this is monisha.. I am passionate about becoming a guitarist.. I play guitar too.. I would like to join your band..

    SATRIMANIAC New Member

    hey ayan here from bangalore....but basicall from kolkata.....i play blues.....metal....still in the learnin phase......
  4. iluvmuzik

    iluvmuzik New Member

    monisha,where do u live?
  5. neo_dev2003

    neo_dev2003 New Member

    dude i'll tell u one thing................kolkata public doesnt enjoy metal..........they prefer soft or at the most hard rock(lyk green day)..............but best of luck.....n tell me if u have ne vacant place 4 a guitarist..............i am arjun 4m kol!!!!!!!!
  6. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm


    That's a bullshit concept you have. Actually, there are a lot of fans in kolkata when it comes to heavy metal genre. This has become the latest trend in the eastern India. Anyway, metal is less preferred in the whole world compared to the other genres. I personally love Progressive Metal. Hoping to catch up with ya ;)
  7. iluvmuzik

    iluvmuzik New Member

    @neo- what kind of a guitarist are you,as in are you into metal?

    @gogol-u a musician?

    Btw,i got my electric,its an ESP Ltd. F-10 :D
  8. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    ^^Well fighting hard to become one. .. if you term that being a musician, then yes!
  9. iluvmuzik

    iluvmuzik New Member

    haha what do you "fight hard" with?
  10. Kuzo

    Kuzo New Member

    hail ! metal brothers, I m from darjeeling .....hav been stayin in kol for the past two years and can say dat the metal scene in kolkata is changing...would love to see more metal maniacs in kol...Gud luck for ur band brother !!! Keep the metal spirit flowing !!! \m/
  11. rahhat

    rahhat New Member

    hi man! from behala ..ive been playing guitar for about 3 yrs......been playing rythm for a local band for past 1 recently got im reallly lookin forward to join a new band.....i can play rythm n lead guitars...n can do backing vocals [ive been learning classical vocal for past 1.5 im not dat good at singing]...n im hugely into alternative/dark melancholic sound.....looking forward to ur reply..:)
  12. Tissue_Paper

    Tissue_Paper New Member

    Me frm kolkata as'd be great to jam sometime..
  13. green_day

    green_day New Member

  14. samikdutta

    samikdutta New Member

    hi, m samik, i play guitar for last 10 yrs ... i've previous experiences for stage shows. i performed in tara music last year. i've a set up wid drummer and bassy. jus need a voxy to complete a new set up. if u r interested then call me @ 9674887694

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