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    Dear All,

    Comment on IR's upcoming movie Megha Songs...

    1. Chellam
    Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja & Ramya NSK
    2. Enna Vendum
    Singers: Karthik & Priyadhashini
    3. Jeevane Jeevane
    Singer: Illayaraja
    4. Kalvane
    Singers: Haricharan & Ramya NSK
    5. Mugilo Megamo
    Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja & Ramya NSK
    6. Mugilo Megamo 2
    Singer: Illayaraja
    7. Putham Puthu
    Singer: Anitha

    Keep posting...
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    out of them 'Putham pudhu kaalai' is an epic already... I am quiet interestingly awaiting the visual... in my mind it should be a early morning song with very very little light... from the morning sun...

    'chellam konjum...poove nee vaadaa...' is already a hit..

    got to listen to the other few songs...

    thanks for the thread...
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    Pls post the link, couldn't find the songs in the net, except the few sec teasers. Mugilo Megamo sounds very good. Hope the singer did not screw up the epic Putham Puthu Kaalai .
  4. vs.suresh

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    Here you go....
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    Share your mail id... will send it...
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    It's ok, will wait for few more days. Yahoo mail doesn't allow more than 5mb.
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    Will send thru FB...
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    So nice of you.
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    Definitely a great album for IR fans. Curious to know how it's being received by the public.
  11. vs.suresh

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    Take on #Megha

    Mugilo Megamo - Yuvan , Ramya NSK
    The first thing that catches your attention is the humming at the background in sync with bass which constantly keeps going back and forth .. And when Yuvan starts off , the string ensemble accompanying the voice takes you to a state of elysium.. The interludes are free flowing giving a nice jazzy touch at places. The octaval upward slide on the piano with the chordal finish and those chromatic passages are just top notch. Also to be noted is the vocal portion starts 2 syllables before the beat (known as Atheetha Eduppu).

    Chellam Konjam Poove - Yuvan , Ramya NSK
    Possibly the pick of the album .. The opening guitaring is freaking awesome and sets the tone for the song and the portions that follow simply sweep you away. If you realise , when Yuvan repeats the opening lines of the tune twice the tune remains the same but the bass backing is different which goes forward the first time and played backward on the second instance creating a beautiful chiaroscuro. The arrangements are wonderfully harmonised giving such a pleasant experience to the listener. The drumming is excellent and the way it is used as a filler acting as a bridge connecting the Pallavi is superb.

    Enna Vendum - Karthik , Priyadarshini
    The guitar riffs elevate the song tremendously .. Its more like a typical Indian melody but layered with western style orchestration.. The drumming is a delight and the interludes are mesmerising especially the guitar which creeps in adding such a melliflous touch.

    Jeevane Jeevane - Ilaiyaraaja
    The stress with which Jeevane is hummed gives such an emotional draining feeling. The prelude resembles Vinnaar Amudhe from the album Baba Pughal Maalai but the song mostly reminds you of Pengal Endral in terms of instrumentation and intensity which suggests a painful situation. Special note on the distortion guitar which dictates terms and the usage of strings which is hypnotising.

    Putham Pudhu Kaalai - Anitha
    A reprise of the very popular Putham Pudhu Kaalai from Alaigal Oyvathillai. Its unfair to compare the singing but orchestration simply astounds. Its indeed a delicacy to hear all those intricate sounds in this high quality version which was missed in the original.

    Kalvane Kalvane - Haricharan , Ramya NSK
    Starts off like Niram Pirithu Paathen from Time but the similarity ends there. This one is extremely wacky , unorthodox and out of the box. The scale changes are freaky and the jazzy portions are sure to leave a smile on your face As the song says Enna Thaan Maayam Seidhaan , how true is that ?

    Mugilo Megamo - Ilaiyaraaja
    Follows the same tune as that of the other version but sung more intensely. Needless to mention about the soundscape created which is truly mindboggling.

    Conclusion :
    #Megha is marvellous , magical , mystical , magnificent , monstrous & masterclass.
    If NEPV was revolutionary , Megha is boundary breaking.
    An album which deserves to be celebrated for eons and rightfully deserves a place in the pantheon of all time great soundtracks.

    Source: Rajiv Shankar @FB

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