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Discussion in 'Pakistani Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by umarboy, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. umarboy

    umarboy Tabber

    Hey guys
    Long time no see eh? I'm sorry I couldn't keep in touch with you guys [those who still remember me :p ]
    Anyways I was thinking of making a website where we can post Free "Video" Guitar Lessons for Pakistani songs or Indians if requested.
    Also for the bands who want to perform stuff like Metallica,Nirvana etc I believe I can make full video covers of these songs along with the tabs and backing tracks so that you can all practice and perform them anywhere you want.

    So if you guys think it's a good idea then i'd need some feedback from you people and if I'll get a positive response then I'll be working on it very soon!

  2. ImR@|\|

    ImR@|\| GuiTar MaNiaC

    mmm ....wel da idea is nt bad.....
  3. sam_guitar

    sam_guitar New Member

    yes i know you

    dude realy its long time ... well kese ho ..
    and you ideaaaaaaaaaaaa is simply awesome , jani gr8 work you should work on it . i think
  4. immortally_rock

    immortally_rock New Member

    hey..dude..are you any gud..if u are..CAN YOU PLEASE TAB.. KUCH NAHI BY SATURN.. itz be major major favour on ma part..or even jus figure out chords fr da song... hehehe..kno itz kinda lame..but im a pretty gud guitarist..but hvin a rough time tabbin dis fukin song..n i need to play it liveeee sooooooon.....HELPPP!!!!
    da song can be download by da saturn official website..if u need it..ill post up a link...bachaa dena mujhe bhai :p
  5. umarboy

    umarboy Tabber

    Well man, I've been guitars for 4 years[dont know if im any good] now and im mostly into metal/rock typa thing you know like, Metallica/nirvana/disturbed/Iron maiden/staind/POM etc..
    I believe I can help lots of beginners/intermidiate level guitarists out there...I'll be updating the site on daily/weekly basis... and if there is any1 who wants to add their video lesson then id love to put em of the site as well...

    And "immortally_rock" I haven't heard the song yet but I'll see what I can do for you.

    I'm working on backing tracks right now.. so there will be 30/40 secs licks which will help ya play in tempo and understand the chords/scales relation.

    There are lots of ideas! lets just hope I can implement on them soon
  6. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Yeah dude u certainly implement that will be of great use to all of us.........

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