Maula mere guitar tabs !

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  1. Angelus

    Angelus New Member

    Guys !! m a noob n have strted learnin the guitar only recently .. could someone help me out with the maula mere (Anwar) guitar tabs plzzz ?!!
  2. rave

    rave New Member

    i too need the intro tabs n chords...
  3. shashanksaini

    shashanksaini New Member

    here you go... pretty easy...

    aankhen teri..... kitni haseen
    C Am
    then the next lines have the following progression
    G E G E C
    maula mere maula mere
    C A C A
  4. jakemsu

    jakemsu New Member

    Initial tabs for maula mere

    Hey fellow guitarits, My first tab but just wanted to tab pattern for the initial maula mere before the main verse

    G-2-2-2-5-4-4-4-5-------------------- use this for higher pitch or
    D-7-7-7-10-9-9-9-10------------------ use this for lower pitch

    still waiting for the strubbing/tab pattern for the remaining song guys...

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