Massive Guitar Gear Sale (Guitar, amp, pedals, rack units) : Pics attached

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by vaibhav.mittal, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. vaibhav.mittal

    vaibhav.mittal New Member


    My name is Vaibhav and I'm a hobbyist musician from Punjab, IN.
    I am moving to US and selling some of my guitar gear, Let me know if it interests you or your musician friends around. Most of the items are in Mint condition.

    The gear list is:

    # Vox AC30 Handwired Heritage Head - 50th Anniversary issue
    # Ceriatone Overtone Special OTS S&M Head (50 watts with 1/2 power switch)
    # Ceriatone 2x12 cabinet loaded with Celestion G12H30 70th Anniversary & Jensen C12N speakers (Convertible to Open and close back)
    # Vox Tonelab LE guitar processor
    # Proco RAT Deucetone Distortion Pedal
    # Chandler Tube Driver Rack unit
    # Fulltone GT 500
    # J Everman Fuzz drive pedal
    # MXR M-108 10 Band Equalizer pedal
    # Digitech GSP 1101 Guitar Processor
    # TC Electronic Nova System with G switch
    # TC Electronic Nova Drive
    # Fender American Deluxe Strat with EMG DG-20 pickup system and Warmoth '59 style neck
    # Digitech Whammy Pedal
    # Martin D-28 copy Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Made by Peal Guitars (All Solid Wood)

    I can ship any item anywhere in India and it will be professionally packed.
    Contact me through email for more details.

    Vaibhav Mittal
    Youtube Channel: vaibhav8584

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  2. milroy_araujo@r

    milroy_araujo@r New Member

    thnx for registration
  3. flood

    flood New Member

    bump for one of the best gear collections i've seen in the country :D

    what's that guru like? and the overtone special? not a huge dumble fan, but i have to admit that the ODS is a great amp. sounds sweet as hell. what's the ceriatone version like?
  4. vaibhav.mittal

    vaibhav.mittal New Member


    Appreciate your comments! :)
    Guru is a handwired plexi with best parts available and plays better than Marshall one. Lots of dynamics and very nice heavy tone.

    Ceriatone is one of my favorite amps, I love that kinda tone because I am not in Rock much and play clean/ bluesy tone/ less overdriven tone.

    Keep beaming!

    V :)
  5. insatanity

    insatanity New Member

    Looks like ur a very serious GAS patient...:)
  6. nandac

    nandac New Member

    i was looking for a rat - but only the base rat2 model. but then a new guy moved in next door to me and hearing me practice daily, brought over an old boss hyper metal pedal and gave it to me! that put an end to my distortion gas (not that i play much distorted stuff anyway). now my neighbour plays bass for me.
  7. flood

    flood New Member

    why didn't he just use the hyper metal on his bass?

    let me know if he has any more distortion or fuzz pedals to give away because he thinks they shouldn't be used on bass, my bass loves all the dirt it can get. i'll even pay shipping :D
  8. nandac

    nandac New Member

    oh i didnt know that guitar pedals can be used for bass. i thought bass had its own pedals.
  9. nandac

    nandac New Member

    anyway we play late sixties and early seventies rock n roll - so we are content with a little overdrive and some fuzz (i have a lil muff for the latter and a guyatone od2 for the former).
  10. hellismine89

    hellismine89 New Member

    hey i was looking for a digitech whammy.....
  11. tkm795

    tkm795 New Member

    How much for the Digitech Whammy? And what model is it? :)
  12. unet

    unet New Member

    Out of curiosity, how much for the Vox AC30 and the Ceriatone?
  13. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    $1400 i think for the vox. (original price)
  14. unet

    unet New Member

    Err...obviously, he's not selling it at the original price.
  15. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    he can. if he needs money. just telling you the original price. how would i know his selling price. duh!
  16. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    if he wouldn't have attached the pics, i would have suggested him not to reveal his dream gear! ;)
  17. manku911

    manku911 New Member

    how much for tonelab LE??? and the strat??
  18. vatayan

    vatayan New Member

    Buying your Gear

    Hi I am interested in the Gear you have ... give me a call on 020 40077132...

  19. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    will you buy it all. lol. just kidding. ;)

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