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  1. sam_sud

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    Hi Friends,

    This is my first message in the forum.

    I was looking for notations of veer zaara that I can try on violine. I use indian classical notations (sa re ga ma). With little bit effort I can convert wester classical notations (G D A E) to saragama. I found tab/chords for "Tere Liye" by Nishant. How can I map/convert guitar tabs/chords to saregama?


  2. madhura

    madhura pani poori yum yum ....

    mapping of western notes to sa re ga ma :

    in normal octave :
    sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa = C D E F G A B C
    and all sharps will be next note and flat will be previous one ( other guys plz correct me about flat is i am wrong) ....
    in normal octave tabs will be
    sa = C = 5 string = 3 fret
    re = D = 4 string = open
    ga = E = 4 string = 2 fret
    ma = F = 4 string = 3 fret
    pa = G = 3 string = open
    dha = A = 3 string = 2 fret
    ni = B = 2 string = open
    sa = C = 2 string = 1 fret.

    i hope this helps
  3. sam_sud

    sam_sud New Member


    Thanks a lot.
  4. hehaa

    hehaa New Member

    ha!!! SAM SUD
    buddy u play violin :|?????
    i am a big lover and fan of violin, i aloso had a violin, can i had a talk with u ??? abt violin... i am really looking forward for first step to violin
  5. sunnynnus

    sunnynnus New Member

    mapping of western notes to sa re ga ma

    That is correct. But what you have given is a C major scale. Does it not apply to all scales? I mean I can play sa-re-ga-ma starting with Note A.

  6. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    yes. see madhura's thread
    and my posting with a comprehensive mapping in it.
  7. satyapadhy

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    hello every buddy

    I m new to this guitar world. I hope , I aol achieve something new with the help from u people

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