malayalam - thoovana thumbikal theme tabs

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  1. midosh

    midosh New Member

    e -9-7-9-----5-7------9-7-9---5-7-----
    b ---------5-----------------5---------

    e -0-0--9-9--9-7-9--12--7-9---------
    b ------------------------------------

    e --7-9--12--7-9---------

    e -12-14-12-----------------12----------
    b ----------12--10-9-10-12-------------

    e -12-14-12-----------------12----------
    b -----------12--10-9-10-12-------------

    e -10-12-10--9-10-9----9-------------

    i hope you guys like it.. :)
  2. prasanthng

    prasanthng New Member

    beauty of simplicity...
  3. midosh

    midosh New Member

    thanks for the comments prasanth
  4. sol

    sol New Member

    Hi, I'm just a newbee in guitar.. Pls help me out how to play this song on fretboard. I know only the string-fret notation. Pls someone can convert this.. Thank you..
  5. midosh

    midosh New Member

    hi sol..
    e - 1st string
    B - 2nd string

    since only these two strings are used.. the other 4 are left out...
    its very easy to play .. try it out...

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