Malai Kaatru Vanthu Tamil Paesuthae - Dr Roentgen, the greatest, please correct it.

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  1. nalinam

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    (Dm)Malai kaatru vanthu (C)Tamil paesuthae,
    (Dm)Malai saaral vanthu (C)isai paaduthae,
    (F)Malarodu vandu (C)ooraiyaaduthae,
    (Gm)Yennodu neeyum (Dm)paesadi,

    Gm Dm C Dm
    Gm Dm Am Dm

    (Dm)Maalai kaatru vanthu (C)Tamil paesinaal,
    (Dm)Malai saaral vanthu (C)isai paadinaal,
    (F)Malarodu vandu (C)ooraiyaadinaal,
    (Gm)Unnodu naanum (Dm)paesuvaen,

    (F)Pullodu iravil (G)pani thoongumae,
    (Am)Sollodu kaviyin (Bb)porul thoongumae,
    (Dm)Kallo(Gm)du marainthu silai thoongu(C)mae,
    (Am)Thoongaa(Dm)thu nammathu (Bb)dheebamae,
    (C)Thoongaa(Dm)thu nammathu (Bb)dheebamae,

    (F)Kadal konda neelam (G)karainthaalumae,
    (Am)Udal konda jeevan (Bb)ponjaalumae,
    (Dm)Mudiyaa(Gm)tha andam mudinthaalu(C)mae,
    (Am)Mudiyaa(Dm)thu nammathu (Bb)bhanthamae,
    (C)Mudiyaa(Dm)thu nammathu (Bb)bhanthamae,

    Siva Chinniah
    West Des Moines, Iowa
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  2. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    Hello Siva.
    There are some changes in my version. I've highlighted them.

    (Dm)Malai kaatru vanthu (C)Tamil paesu(Dm)thae,

    (Dm)Malai saaral vanthu (C)isai paaduthae,
    (Dm)Malarodu vandu (C)ooraiyaaduthae,
    (Am)Yennodu (Dm)neeyum (Bb)paesadi,

    Gm Dm C Dm
    Gm Dm Dm Dm

    (F)Pullodu iravil (G)pani thoongu(C)mae,
    (Am)Sollodu kaviyin (Bb)porul thoongu(Dm)mae,
    (Dm)Kallo(C7)du marainthu silai thoongu(C)mae,
    (Am)Thoongaathu nammathu dheeba(Bb)mae,
    (C7)Thoongaathu nammathu (Bb)dheebamae,

    (F)Kadal konda neelam (G)karainthaalu(C)mae,
    (Am)Udal konda jeevan (Bb)ponjaalu(Dm)mae,
    (Dm)Mudiyaa(C7)tha andam mudinthaalumae,
    (Am)Mudiyaathu nammathu (Bb)bhanthamae,
    (C7)Mudiyaathu nammathu (Bb)bhanthamae

  3. nalinam

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    Dear Dr Roentgen,

    You are the very best and the undisputed maestro. It is so very accurate - what a beauty! Thank you for correcting me, my friend.

    If you and your family ever come to USA, you are welcome to stay with us as long as you want at our home. We will be happy to pick you up from the airport and take you to places around here. It would be a great honor to have you as a guest in our home. I can assure you that you will not only be fed the most tastiest food but it will also be the healthiest and it will be my treat. You will be given a royal welcome here.

    You are truly the best musician I ever known. Most of all your willingness to share your musical wisdom is a greatest virtue that I rarely find nowadays among our fellow Tamils.

    Thank you once again
  4. keyven

    keyven New Member

    Some corrections
  5. nalinam

    nalinam New Member

    Thank you for your feedback keyven. I'm not really sure if it is a Dm9 instead of Dm. However, in some places it sounds right. May Dr. Roentgen can better comment on it.
  6. Thaya

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  7. Thaya

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    Hi all...may I know the root note for this
  8. nalinam

    nalinam New Member

    Yes, the root or the key is Dm. Enjoy my friend

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