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    OKAY! First of all i would like to introduce to all Pakis , Rock and Thrash Metal Lover to listen to the Amazing New Underground Band SATURN ( okay, maybe the name is a little weird :p ). But Seriously, These guys ROCK!

    They have only realeased two songs as of yet and with these two songs they have me hooked and thats not easy to do. So give them a listen to.

    You can find their songs on their offcial Website (sorry, don't have the link right now, best of luck with googling their website)

    Their two absolutely R0cKin \\m// songs are 'Raakh' and 'Kuch Nahi'

    NOW MY MAJOR REQUEST IS CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE... I BEG OF YOU :p ..PLEASE TAB THEIR SONGS. Because i have to play them live real soon and im having a hard time tabbing their songs, Even though (i like to be modest but what the hell) im a pretty good guitarist and tabber.

    I have, however, tabbed some parts of both the songs. If anyone want me to post 'em, i will

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    much better if u refferr some site for this BAND
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    Here's the link to there site, You can download there songs fromg there.
    You can also check out there videos on typing 'raakh' in the search URL bar. :)

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