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  1. Abhijeetbasu

    Abhijeetbasu TABBER

    hi guitar masteros!! , please dont hesitate to fire back , if the post is not worth off!!

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  2. Amitguitarwala

    Amitguitarwala New Member

    Wat do the diagonal lines suggest?Can i play it on my accoustic guitar?
  3. Abhijeetbasu

    Abhijeetbasu TABBER

    Dear Amit
    ofcourse u can play those slide ups , slide downs and vibrato in ur acoustic guitar as well. just read the top thread, of IGT, undertanding basic tabs post by administrators.
    incase u are not able to follow, i am elaborating it

    slide down (7-9) = strike 7th note on any string (;B;E;G,A,D) and without leaving the string slide it downto 9 and strike 9
    same goes for slide up.
  4. Amitguitarwala

    Amitguitarwala New Member

    Thanks Abhijeet

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