main mast hoon

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  1. bangash

    bangash New Member

    hey guys ive figured out sum parts of this song like the intro but the plucking goher does in the begging is still mystrey to me if anyone can get me the intro plucking i will share wht ive tabbed abt this song
  2. bangash

    bangash New Member

    well guys no replies to i tabbed a version of it my self the full intro but i will only post if i get atleast 10 replies so if u want it start replying
  3. Spellbinder

    Spellbinder Crescentarian

    U suk man ...........
  4. RoGeR tHaT

    RoGeR tHaT New Member

    keep it with u only.......!!!!
  5. bangash

    bangash New Member

    dude this place is dead im tryin to get the leechers off nd the real members of this site on thts the only reason otherwise i have no problem sharing my work but i want it to b for the members of the website not jus sum random person who is jus here to leech things off
  6. Cimple-Rockstar

    Cimple-Rockstar New Member

    come on bro share

    we all like playing ...

    see now u have atleast 3 different replied..

    if y6u want leachers off then

    make people register in forum

    change forum setting
  7. bangash

    bangash New Member

    ok guys im posting this up its not perfect solo isnt even close but i tried the rest i think r pretty decent its my first try hope u guys like it

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  8. Cimple-Rockstar

    Cimple-Rockstar New Member

    thanks bangesh :)
  9. bangash

    bangash New Member

    np hope it helps i know it isnt perfect but u guys can add things nd do let me know abt em too
  10. d@_7th_STRING

    d@_7th_STRING New Member

    are yaar koi to main mast hoon ki chords post karo...

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