Mahiwaal by Visaal

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    Hello everyone!
    Its been a long time. Anyway these are the chords of Mahiwaal by Visaal. You can get this song from PAKMANZIL.COM .Its really a worth listening song. Check it out!

    Intro: Em D
    ( There's little variation in D. You will figure it out by listening.)
    Solo is very easy to figure and very difficult to write over here. You will do it yourselves very easily. The only need is careful listening.

    Em D Em
    anjane raastey

    D Em
    ik manzil ik khaab

    D Em
    kitne haseen thay

    woh lamhe mahiwaal

    C D
    veeran aaye sataye

    Em D

    kyun tarpaye

    D C D
    bar bar bar

    D C D
    bar bar bar

    And the rest of the song goes in this progression. Comments and questions are welcome. Good luck :rock:

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